You want to be surrounded by people who get you. You want to pursue fulfilling work or start a meaningful business. You want to be in an incredible relationship (with yourself, your partner, your kids). You want to find joy in the tiny moments and go after the big dreams.

Even when things feel messy.  Especially when you’re in the middle of scary change or an uncomfortable, but necessary, transition.

And sometimes, it’s hard to do alone.  (I totally get that, gorgeous.)

That’s why I provide inspiring and useful coaching, courses and community to help you get up off your ass and love your life.  Your desires will lead the way. My Strategies for Joy will help you get there!

You’re in the right place. No settling, less striving — just authentic joyful living for women in transition.

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Jackson's Joy

July Happiness + Coconut Moments

Whether it’s watching my beagle delightfully hang his head out the passenger window, admiring the beauty of a butterfly, cheering a baby frog testing its new legs out, noticing my Wonder Woman figurine that reminds me to embrace my inner badass, or whether it’s savoring delicious homemade pizza, acknowledging these “coconut moments” brings me more fully into my own life and call for revelry!