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Photo Recap: Creating a Meaningful Life List

So what did we do? We brunched, brainstormed, shared big dreams & then broke out the scissors & glue sticks. I was blown away by this crafty bunch… Even those who claimed to have no artistic ability ended up creating a fab vision board or scrapbook, in addition to their big list. Seriously, I was inspired!

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What I learned from my Dog

My girlfriend, Natalie, spent a lot of time and money training her dog, Morgan (who I also consider to be my dog). Morgan can sit, stay, give paw, and she’s almost trained off leash. I’ve always been impressed with Morgan and how quickly she learns. I’ll even admit that sometimes I’m jealous of the dog.

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Friends Help During a Quarterlife Crisis

This week I have one of my old college roomies from University of Oregon for a visit. And this weekend we’re heading up to Seattle to visit the rest of our old roomies for an epic weekend adventure. It will be the first time that we’ve seen and been together since our graduation in 2005.

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Enemies, Frenemies, and Friends

There have really only been 2 people in my entire life that I can honestly say I hate. Well, hated- past tense- since now I only hate 1 person. Over the years, the second person (to everyone’s surprise!) has gone from despised enemy, to frenemy, to friend.

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Give it All Away

freedomI have been back in New York City for a full week now and once again I’m trying to find a rhythm. Towards the end of my stay in Montreal I had made peace with my unemployment.

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First Step: Simplify

My freelance work is picking up, and I’m preparing for my transition from my 9 to 5 to working for myself. Right now, life is hard… Trying to balance all the work is a little difficult, but once I have the 9 to 5 off my back, I think I will have a nice pace going.

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Giveaway Winners

Did you win? I don’t want to ruin the suspense by listing the winners here, so watch the quick video!

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Choosing the Nontraditional Path

I had the lineage of the Presidency memorized when I was 13. I even knew all of the First Ladies. I knew their terms of service, certain unique facts about both people and info about their pets. I know, NERD ALERT.

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I Want to Like my Job

When I was growing up, I played “house” with my two younger sisters constantly. I was always the more practical of my sisters: Holly wanted to be a Dutch girl when she grew up so that she could always wear wooden shoes and Alex wanted to be a dolphin trainer so that she could meet Flipper.

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When I Grow Up, I’ll Be Happy

Adults love to ask little kids what they want to be when they grow up.

It is a strange tendency, if you think about it. Small children can’t even come close to being able to express a clear answer based on skills, interests, temperament and professional knowledge. Heck, even most adults can’t.

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