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Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

My job as a museum curator is a big part of who I am. I know people say you should not let your job define you, but for me, I am doing for pay what I would be doing for fun anyway. I know it may not sound like fun to many, but for me, it’s exactly what I wanted for my life, though I didn’t know it for many years that this was what was meant to be.

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Conquering the Mission Holding Me Back

I’m afraid of commitment. Not like I can’t hold down a relationship type of commitment. It’s more like I’m terrified of committing to an idea or belief system. And it’s starting to hold me back.

I’ve been grappling with writing this stupid manifesto for months now. I’ve known it’s needed written since May. I’m really excited to write it and share it with the world! But somehow, it keeps getting pushed to the backburner. Why?

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Laurenne realizes she’s been living in the future. Instead of waiting for the THEN, she wants to learn how to live in the NOW.

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Love Doesn’t Own A GPS

When I was a little girl and imagined myself in a happy relationship with my future boyfriend, it never occurred to me that we might not live in the same city. Or even the same country.

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Lead Without Followers

Warning: There is a boy on the blog. Not just any boy, however… One of my favorite thinkers, down-to-earth philosophers, and upcoming co-teacher for our 2012 Reclaim Leadership Course. Ladies, I’d like to introduce you to Dave Ursillo.

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Chasing The Dream (Not Toddlers)

When I first started my business I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go or what I wanted to do with it. I let it take on a life of its own through a series of “Yes, ma’am”s, taking every job that was offered to me.

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Why Moving Sucks

Even when there are awesome things around the corner, the process of moving is no fun. Moving sucks, and I’m not afraid to tell you that. On the plus side, I begin my adventure in two days and I’ve finally set some goals for myself.

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Picking a Path

I think the biggest contributing factor to my Quarter Life Crisis may be my inability to really latch on to one specific passion and expand it. Life has always been extremely interesting to me, and when I learn about new things and new adventures, I sometimes veer off the current path and follow this new, shiny thing.

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The Wisdom of Little Women

While married, I never felt comfortable enough with myself outside of work to speak up for what I wanted or to do anything without worrying what people would think.

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Universal Love and Committing to Joy

The universe is trying to tell me something. I’m convinced. After a summer of stressing over getting someone to rent to me, I applied to a random Craigslist housing ad. I found a nice two bedroom within my budget. It’s like the universe wrapped its arms around me and gave me a hug.

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