I’m a Coach, Teacher, Writer, Mama and Community Builder for Gutsy Women. I believe in going big, that honesty is the best policy, and in the undeniable fact that we are all deserving of fulfilling right fit lives.

But most of all, I believe in you.

I’m changing the world by teaching women how to value their own happiness and strength, especially when they’ve arrived at big transition. I have a sneaking suspicion that a world of joyful women equals radical acts of goodness, widespread health, crazyamazing creative expression, and equality for all. Hot, right?

My purpose is to give you support, inspiration and strategies to make your life a reflection of the authentic YOU.

I’m here to help you define success on your own terms. And to make sure you’re tuned into your innermost desires, moving forward gracefully and enjoying the hell out of the journey.

(This most likely comes with a little butt-kicking and a little hand-holding.)

How do I do it?  READ MORE HERE.

I would love to hear from you, though would appreciate you checking out the FAQ first ’cause my inbox gets crazytown.

Still need me?  Fab!  Send over coaching interest, questions, requests for interviews or speaking gigs, flattering photos  and lovebombs.   I can’t respond to every email I get, but I do read every one. Snail mail goes to Stratejoy, Inc 2947 S. Higuera San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


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MOLLY MAHAR: Founder of Stratejoy

Mission: To celebrate life authentically and inspire others to do the same.

Professional Bio: Molly Mahar is coach, teacher and mama obsessed with the intersection of community, authenticity and joy. She is the founder of Stratejoy, a positive corner of the Internet that provides thousands of women inspiring + useful strategies to prioritize joy in their own lives and businesses.

Molly’s work is delivered through small group programs, digital courses and high level one-on-one coaching, focused on gutsy women in transition.  From the quarterlife crisis to the new mama meltdown, the up-and-coming business babe to the career changer, the newlywed to the newly divorced; she helps women get clear on who they are, what they want, and how to get it.  Some call it reinvention.  Molly calls it Activating your Awesome.

A free spirit with a passion for mindful entrepreneurship, Molly loves sharing her passion with others. She is a proud member of the invite-only Young Entrepreneurs Council. She’s rocked audiences at the South by Southwest Interactive, lululemon athletica, The US Army Wellness Weekend, Ladies who Launch National Conference, CRAVE Business Symposium and The Junior League.

In My Words: As an over-achieving Ivy League grad who suffered a total “Quarterlife Crisis” in 2007 after landing my dream job at a sexy boutique hotel in Seattle, I know how it feels to want something more. So… I quit my job. I traveled around the world with backpack and boyfriend in hand. I sold everything I owned. I began studying Buddhism. I started a little blog called Stratejoy in 2009. It turned into a thriving online business after several years of hard work. I got married.  I traveled around the country with the Big Man in Stella. I moved to California.  I had a baby.

I’ve been teaching, coaching, writing and speaking for the past 4 years.
I know the ins-and-outs of creating a life based on passion
instead of external expectations because I’ve done it!


Other Fun:  I was born in Montana, graduated from Cornell University, have been a nomad twice, spent 8 years in Seattle, and am now enjoying life in San Luis Obispo. I am a lovely example of a Libra, ENFJ and location independent business owner. I have a tendency to swear a fair amount, laugh loudly, swim naked, and wear a lot of costumes. I am a lifelong learner, exuberant dancer, horrible parker and adrenaline thrill seeker. I aspire to host a television show, create a non-profit retreat center, start a family band and live in Italy for a few years.  I’m also a compulsive list maker, can ya tell?

I base my adventures from a sunny porch in Central California and a cabin on the river near Seattle that I share with my husband (aka The Big Man) and my tiny boy person (aka Maximilian James).

Want even more random facts about me? I’m an over-sharer, so I’ve got plenty. Here’s my Life List.  Here’s the Season 2 Q&A Post. And here’s the Season 3 Q&A Post. And also the Season 4 Q&A Post.

1004507_10101633649076110_1903467682_nDEE BORDENKIRCHER: Operations & Community Manager



Every time I get a little Molly in my life, my attitude is instantly changed–I can’t help but transform into a grinning, life-lovin’ hippie child. I sometimes wonder what the neighbors may think, when I’m on a call with her–all that hootin’ and hollerin’, they probably think I’m doing something much naughtier. Fortunately for me, I’m not. Am I saying that Molly is better than sex? WHY YES, I AM.

Ash Ambirge, Bombshell at The Middle Finger Project


Molly is sparkles and sunshine mixed with a healthy dose of grounded wisdom. Her perspective on life and how to live it best is inspiring, fully of joy, and deliciously practical. Part best gal pal, part brilliant therapist, part tough love mentor, Molly is your girl to optimize your life.

Kate Northrup, Author of Money: A Love Story


Whenever I’m doubting myself and my abilities, I think, “What would Molly tell me to do?” And, without fail, the answer kicks my ass in gear. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and guidance with my Life Less Bullshit brand; it’s thanks to our coaching that I was finally able to articulate what I want and how to go from where I am now to where I want to be. You helped me clarify my big picture, and you gave me the confidence to do the impossible: get up and speak in front of 1,000+ people. You’re an inspirational magician, lady!

Nicole Antoinette, Founder of A Life Less Bullshit

Molly is proof that bubbles and brain really do mix. And she’s full of capital “L” Love. Love that will steer you straight on your personal path to success.

Tara Gentile, Writer & Business Strategist

Molly’s one of those women who you wanna hate because she’s so smart and does such great work and has one of the cutest babies on the planet… and then you meet her and she’s nicer than she appears (if that’s possible!) and then you’re all, “I looooooooove that Molly Mahar!” This happened to me, and it’s a definite guarantee that it’s gonna happen to you, too. This is a threat/promise.

Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach

I have never met someone who was able to motivate me as much as Molly. The girl has such a genuinely happy and energetic spirit that she can turn any dreary day into one full of sunshine. I wish I could take a “Molly” pill at least twice a day!

Brit Morin, Founder and CEO at Brit + Co

Stratejoy is the perfect name for Molly’s business. She has the unique ability to help others see the big picture, nail down the all-important details, and do it all while making you feel like you can conquer the world. Yeah, she’s that good.

Sean Ogle, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Founder of Location 180


Molly is wise, grounded and talented, which you want in a coach — but it is her inspired zest for life that will have you beaming as you dig deep to design your own joy-filled path.

Pamela Slim, Business Coach and Author of Escape from Cubicle Nation

Molly is a firecracker exploding with inspiration, motivation, professional illumination, and tips for living a soulful, open-hearted, fulfilling life.  Plus, she gives good hugs.

Lissa Rankin, MD, Integrative Medicine Physician, Author and Artist

Molly is a sparkling blend of joyous positivity, wit and life hacking. That’s why she’s at the top of my list when looking for guest teachers, speakers, change agents.

Susan Hyatt, Master Life Coach

It’s impossible to be in Molly’s presence and not be uplifted, energized and psyched about life. She just pulls you into her gravitational field of vibrance and it’s absolutely contagious.

Jonathan Mead, Founder of Paid to Exist

Molly has a heart of pure brilliant gold, mixed with the perfect blend of curiosity, business savvy and life experience to help you get wherever it is you want to go — with confidence, clarity and peace of mine. She’s kind and caring, but isn’t afraid to lovingly tell it like it is. Every interaction I have with Molly leaves me inspired, uplifted and full of actionable ideas.

Jenny Blake, Life Coach and Author of Life After College

Molly is an instant dose of sunshine, and I especially love her because she keeps it just as real as she does sparkly.  Whether a course or a conversation, I love that I can trust Molly to inspire me with actual actionable ideas as well as to call me out when I try to hide behind excuses or fears. You need someone in your corner who’s just as real as she is brilliant, who’s as human as she is genius — Molly is so totally this person.

Doniree Walker, Social Media Coach and Fairy Blogmother

Molly is a dynamic leader whose love, intelligence and grace shine through every ounce of her work. Whether writing to thousands of readers, speaking to a crowd of hundreds or coaching clients one-on-one, her authenticity and moxie are second to none. Molly’s tribe of loyal fans and supporters love her because she continually provides them with experience, awareness and growth that propels them toward all their lifelong goals.

Dave Ursillo, Writer and Philosopher

In 2010, I hit some seriously bumpy times. I had no idea what it was that I was going through, only that I was going through something profound and unravelling.  Molly’s combination of patience and compassion drew me out. She has given me something that I never could have given myself: self-compassion and acceptance. I’m alright with who I am. I’m really alright with where I am. One of the most influential people that I have to thank for my profound transformation over the last two years is Molly. Damn it, girl. I love you.

Amanda Farough, Brand Whisperer and UX Designer