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Strength and Perspective and Goodbyes

A year ago, I propped my journal on my swollen belly and put all my hopes and fears to paper. I wrote that I was certain that after unbuckling the exhaustion and worry and anxiety, we’d be in a world of our own, our little family, and everything would work out. That was during the […]

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That’s the question.

I can’t believe there’s only one Stratejoy blog post left after this! I’ve loved every second of this past season, and I know I’ve gained a lot of perspective I didn’t have before. That said, here are my answers to the seasonal interview! Where do you see your self (or hope to be) 6 months […]

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Be Light

There’s a part of me that innately strives to justify everything I am and everything I’ve done. Like I need an excuse for living. And in that vein of thinking, I spent many of my early Stratejoy posts doing just that. I blogged my excuses for my personality, for any lack of authenticity, for decisions […]

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One Thing At A Time

I was so ready to start 2013. Don’t get me wrong, 2012 had some incredible moments. But like I’ve mentioned before, it’s had its share of anxiety and apprehension that I was all too ready to leave behind And I was beyond excited about that. Until the fever hit. Literally. A 103F burning fever snaked its way through my limbs, sweating out my pores, while deep inside my bones I shook with cold and fought back icy chills. For 3 days I sweated and shivered and my throat swelled and swelled, until finally, on New Year’s Eve, I was diagnosed with strep throat. Lovely.

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A Serving of Object Permanence

My little munchkin has recently figured out the concept that things still exist even when he can’t see them. Which is awesome, except it makes an otherwise easy, happy baby crabby when I take things away that shouldn’t be in his mouth, and makes bedtime near impossible because, you know, I might never come back… […]

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The Gap Between the Two Trapezes

When I started blogging for Stratejoy, I was buried in a mountain of emotions that ranged from doubt to anxiety to apprehension. Not to mention the mess of postpartum hormones ravaging my mind and body. Sure, I was completely in love with my new little family, but I also felt totally lost. I was struggling with who I was, what I was meant to do, and how to balance it all with being a new mom.

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Yoga, anyone?

In real life, the closest I get to doing yoga is yoga pants and my dog, who does weird dog yoga when she wakes up in the morning. Oh, and I did try prenatal yoga while I was pregnant – and props to Shiva Rea, who makes being pregnant look easy and graceful – but my baby bump and I failed miserably.

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My 12th Thanksgiving Ever

This has been my 12th Thanksgiving ever. Almost half of my previous 11 Thanksgivings have been spent away from home in various places, including North Carolina, California, Virgina, and England. Needless to say, with the newness of the holiday to me and with so much traveling, I haven’t found myself participating in any specific Thanksgiving […]

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Everyone Wants to Write a Book

Whether it’s the lure of seeing your name in print or the satisfaction born from such a huge accomplishment, even people who have no clue where apostrophes belong have “write a book” on their bucket list.And secretly, I do, too. However, it’s more than that. I want to tell a story.

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What’s your story?

To tell the truth, daily life has been a little overwhelming in recent weeks. Nothing hugely significant; just a ton of little stuff filling my brain and schedule. It’s the type of fluff that distracts me from the big picture, from living life consciously and intentionally. And obviously, in this distracted mindset, it’s pretty difficult to craft the perfect weekly post for you all to read.

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