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My Money Love Story

I’m not sure the world is ready for this…  But here’s a vulnerable, deep and slightly scattered dive into my Money Love Story. Why?  My wise friend Kate Northrup launched her book Money: A Love Story today and she challenged a bunch of us to share our stories in order to help eradicate some of the […]

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Forever in Debt

I received a lovely e-mail from Sallie Mae this week to let me know that my monthly payment amount was going to increase beginning next month. I was annoyed, but honestly, I’m so in debt that my first thought was “Oh well, what’s another $50 a month?”

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Combating Negativity with Positive Triggers

Negative triggers, I’ve got them a plenty. A toddler temper tantrum. Argument with Dan. Family trama drama. Issue with a friend. Northern Virginia traffic. Endless loads of laundry. These things set me on edge. And when a couple of them collide, well, I’m a gonner.

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Vacillating on the Line of Poverty

Money. Moolah. Bills. Change. Dinero. It is both the bane of my existence and when I have it, I feel permitted to take plane rides overseas, buy nice lunches, or sit in trendy coffee shops to read. Right now I have less than $50 in both my checking and savings accounts and even less in my wallet. Dare I mention that this past year I’ve been making more money than I’ve ever made? That’s a little tragic, isn’t it?

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Someday, I’m Going To Become a Doctor

Someday I’m going to become a doctor. Not a medical, “oh let me give you a physical exam” or “I’m going to hold this scalpel and wear some pastel infused scrubs while you’ve fallen under anesthesia” type of doctor, but one of the “I’m going to spend years in school reveling in academia and defending a dissertation of my mind’s wanderings” variety. YEAH!

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A Skeptic Hippie’s Take on Manifesting

I’m going to reveal my quinoa-eating, kombucha-drinking, yoga-breathing inner hippie and talk about manifesting today. Break out the incense, people. Fifty percent of me is actually a healthy skeptic. I mean, wishing things into existence? Really? … But the other fifty percent of me has experienced quite a few situations– many of them quite recently– that make me unable to fully brush off manifesting as new age bullcrap.

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You Are Not Your Khakis

Consider my virginity gone. We’re talking job virginity here. I got my first big kid job in August, and just a week ago, I quit. And to answer your question – yes, my first time hurt like a bitch.

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So World, Are You Ready to Conspire With Me?

The most riveting and terrifying aspect of my life is that I never know what to expect next. If I pronounce wholeheartedly what I aspire to achieve in these next five months, work just as fervently to accomplish them, and have the support of other lovely ladies, then I’m confident that they will become tangible and not just meandering thoughts.

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Figuring It All Out

Love-wise I couldn’t be better. I just have a wedding in August to think about and I thrive on planning events. Career-wise I’m an absolute disaster. Currently, I’m working at a socially conscious coffee shop making latte leaves and emptying coffee grounds. It’s a job that I enjoy well enough; it encourages me to be in the moment. This isn’t what I want to do forever though.

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Savor Growth

After reflecting on 2011 and seeing where the past 12 months have led me, I began brainstorming, scheming, and dreaming up my goals for 2012. This past year was all about being brave, taking chances, and setting boundaries, so in the upcoming year, I wanted something different.

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