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Reclaiming A Life: Bold And Fearless–Revisited

I just spent the morning reading through all of my posts and I am in awe. I remember when I started my Stratejoy season I felt like big things were on the way; like I was standing on the edge of a huge cliff and all I had to too was take one step and my life would never be the same. Who knew so much could happen in 6 months?

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Happiness, Bold Love, and a Husband

Wow. These past six months. Wow. There was no way I could fathom the changes coming when I started writing. I got happiness, bold love, and a husband (with a Baby on the way!). I’m so very grateful I got to share it here. Every single comment and encouragement kept me calm through the chaos; thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Lemons, Lemonade, and Love

Fact: I am not in control of most things that go on in my life. Most plans don’t go “according to plan”. Most relationships go through rough patches because, you know, other people are involved. Life gets messy and complicated. For the rest of my life, I will be reacting to the unexpected things life throw my way.

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What’s One More Change?

Since I started writing here my life has gone through some changes. Understatement? There have been some leaps of faith required to hold my shit together; this is a fact. The residual effect of all this change is this overwhelming feeling that I have the power within me to change whatever I want to get to the life I dream of.

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Gender Fears.

Today I find out if Baby A is a boy or a girl. My life has never stood to be so drastically influenced by a single moment. Boy or Girl. This is it.

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Finding Joy: A Bold New World

One of the significant benefits I get from blogging boldly is the ability to look back and clearly be able to see where I’ve been. My blog marks my life completely. It also keeps me accountable for better or for worse. There is a record of every New Year Resolution, Birthday Dream, or Life List I’ve made since I started blogging almost 4 years ago.

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Going to the Chapel

I’m getting married tomorrow. Married. I am equal parts excited and pumped with a nice streak of freaking-completely-out thrown in there for good measure. Completely normal, right?

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Eye of the Storm

I’ve been MIA, but not in a bad way. Let’s play catch up!

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Addicted to the Busy

As part of the wonderful Molly’s Joy Juice [Beta] I’ve been receiving some pretty phenomenal journaling prompts in my inbox every week. I have really relished the opportunity to spend some quiet, reflective, me-time these past weeks and I wanted to share an little epiphany I had during the process.

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Dear Baby A

Dear Baby A, You’re going to have a magical childhood; protected and save from all the things that make children grow up too fast. Lucky for you, your Dad is a teacher and gets summers off. You two are going to have the best summers exploring and playing together. You are going to be the only kid in our group of friends; you’re going to have a ton of “Aunts” and “Uncles” who are going to completely fall in love with you. Love, Mama

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