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Stratejoy Elevate Mastermind 2015 with Molly Mahar Header

ELEVATE MASTERMIND is a yearlong journey for 14 ambitious, heart-centered, free-spirited, big-dreaming women who will make 2015 the most incredible year of their life.

with a dedicated tribe of like-minded women,
a fearless leader who is hell bent on your success,
12 months of inspired accountability, and a boatload of loving support.


It’s the year to activate your dreams.  To celebrate your growth.

To ELEVATE your life.



This Journey is for you if…

  • You are committed to putting it all out there: your desires, your fears and your challenges.
  • You are ready to be honest with yourself about what is and isn’t working in your life.
  • You’re craving camaraderie — women who get you and lovingly challenge you.
  • You’re incredibly thrilled to have Molly on your team for an entire year. (Like really, really butterflies in your stomach excited.)
  • You’re willing to work hard and allow it to be easy to get what you want.
  • You believe that you are worthy of a joyful, successful, meaningful life.

This Journey isn’t for you if…

  • You’re not willing to commit to yourself and your growth for an entire year.
  • You don’t want to participate in group retreats, group calls and group accountability.
  • You’re not willing to take ownership of your actions.
  • You consider yourself a pessimist and believe life will always be a struggle.
  • You’re not able to make a significant financial investment in yourself.

to understand that everything you are truly hungry for is within your reach,
to take a chance on your dreams, and to commit to your happiness.





What external measures will be visible to all?

Will you get in the best shape of your life, start your business, or become the mama you want to be for your child?  Will you fall in love, choose a healthy relationship, or tackle that *crazy big* goal on your life list? Will you go after your promotion, become a burlesque dancer, run a marathon, move out of the country, or give up drinking? Will you rekindle the sexual attraction with your partner, write your novel, start your passion project, or get in to the PhD program of your dreams?

It’s all possible.  Get on board, lovely.

And what internal changes will occur?

Will you learn how to savor the beauty of each day?  Will gratitude be a daily practice?  Will you know how to stop a downward mind spiral, ask yourself the hard questions with grace, or truly honor your values?  Will you rewrite some outdated stories? Will you play bigger with your talents, love your body, or embrace uncertainty?  Will you be able to easily know what you want and have the courage to ask for it? Will you know how to stand up for yourself, tell the truth kindly, or forgive old wounds?

Our minds are interesting creatures.  We’ve got to know, accept, and work with their quirks.

Take a minute here, GORGEOUS.

Sit back, close your eyes, and picture YOURSELF a year from now.


Imagine what it would feel like to be sitting here one year from now, knowing you didn’t make excuses to put off your personal work.  How would you feel reveling in the fact that you spent quality soul time getting clear on your highest priorities, creating fiercely ambitious yet conquerable action plans, and then truly activating your desires?

Imagine creating magic in your life one day at a time — one hurdle, one scary step, one brave declaration, one clean cut, one new habit — at a time.

Imagine loving the life you live and living the life you love.

E15_7_its-your-turn_091614It would feel incredible, wouldn’t it?

That is what I want for you, plain and simple.

And I don’t want you to feel like you have to do it alone…

There is something immensely comforting knowing you have a year of radically loving support to make it happen, no?

I’m talking about AN ENTIRE YEAR
of excitement, hard questions, unconditional encouragement,
and calling out of bullshit when you start getting in your own way.


How would it feel knowing that you have the resources, connections, vision and cheerleading of 14 other women who understand that deep craving to create a beautiful life? How would it feel knowing that I wasn’t going to let you get left behind? How would it feel to know that you were never alone in this year of incredible growth, incredible love and incredible satisfaction?


The 2015 ELEVATE MASTERMIND includes


our JANUARY RETREAT in Ojai California,
the GROUP of 14 Soul Sisters,
our Seattle CELEBRATION,
and all the TREATS.

(plus the bonus 5 days of SUMMER CAMP!)




Elevate Mastermind is a yearlong virtual program with three opportunities to gather in person.

It’s a full year because I want you to have time to form true friendships with the women in your mastermind.  I want you to remain dedicated to your dreams and focused on the possibilities ahead of you for an entire year.  I want you to have the chance to ride the ups and downs of motivation with me by your side. I want you to learn the powerful skill of re-centering yourself when you feel lost or disconnected.

And I want you to have an entire year of support to integrate new habits, to take action and make changes in a way that works for you and your real life.

We will be starting our adventure together with a three day retreat at Villa Ojai in Ojai, California.  You’ll pow wow as a group for workshop time and having plenty of solo time to recharge and reflect.  I’ll be there to lead the weekend and get to know each of you IRL. We’ll wine and dine, dream and scheme, meditate, sauna, hike and write our cute little butts off. There may be some secret ceremonies.  There will definitely be some surprises.

YOU WILL BE VISIONING YOUR YEAR, creating your action plans, and enjoying some incredible time to bond, write, relax, and nourish yourself.

(And we’ll have a fabulous time of course!  We’ll be doing some serious soul work, but we won’t be taking ourselves too seriously…)

January 22nd – 25th, 2015 in Ojai, California.

Mark your calendars now.

And get excited to spend a  transformative, nourishing 3-day weekend with your Elevate Tribe. From Thursday’s dinner to Sunday’s breakfast, your accommodation, workshops, classes, meals, wine and special surprises are all covered.  You simply get here — I’ll take delightful care of you as we dive deeply into your desires, action planning, self-love skills and mindfulness practices.


Hot seat time!  You’ll schedule one-on-one time with me to dig deep into your dreams, challenges, and successes.

Illuminating questions, wholehearted listening, and soulful strategies for life and work — PERSONALIZED ELEVATION JUST FOR YOU.

EXPLORATION: We’ll have monthly coaching sessions January through June. We’ll begin our work together by assessing where you are, where you’d like to be, the blocks in your way (external or internal), and how to bridge the gap.  6 intense months with me will provide loads of new insight, breakthroughs and self knowledge.

INTEGRATION: We’ll break from one-on-one sessions for July and August for a summer of integration — you’ll practice your new tools, mindsets, and action planning on your own. And I want to make sure you have time to be fully present on all your travels, weddings, picnics and general summer shenanigans of course!

COMMITMENT: We will return to our one-on-one time after Summer Camp, with monthly calls September through December. We’ll address challenges, deeper yearnings and perhaps set new goals or dreams because so many of you will already have accomplished what you set out to elevate in your life.

In addition to our 10 sessions of scheduled one-on-one time,  you’ll get 1 “emergency” call — especially useful for big decisions, mini meltdowns, role-playing for hard conversations (asking for a raise, breaking up with the deadbeat, explaining to your father that you’re moving to Costa Rica), or support during a business/website/product launch.


Masterminds work because of the group dynamics of connection, respect, inspiration, love and genuine care. I run Elevate through applications because crafting the most magical group possible is one of my super powers.

ELEVATE IS NOT A SOLO ENDEAVOR. When you join this circle of sisters, you’re not only committing to your own dreams and growth, but also to the nurturing of others’ dreams and growth.

Besides our retreats, we’ll be spending time the following organized time together.

An inspiring monthly call to report progress, celebrate wins and ask for help when you need it. There will be a bit of teaching from me and a bit of sharing from each of you. I want to do everything in my power to make sure you are truly moving forward on your goals (whether they be external or internal) with the support of the group.

Four Virtual 3-hour Weekend Retreats (at the end of March, May, July and September) for committed time and space to check in with your action plans and progress.  We’ll gather online to jam on our new group theme (topics like authenticity, self-compassion, power, and greatness have been covered in the past), break apart to do our assessment and own action planning work, and regroup online to share our personal plans and intentions. Talk about accountability and magical motivation!

One year’s worth of access to a private online Facebook Group for sharing resources, networks and strategies. Easy access to Molly and your mastermind sistas’ for support, camaraderie, constructive feedback, and glowing enthusiasm.


We’ve worked and laughed and cried our way through an entire year.  We’ve covered topics from sex to money, passion to contribution, speaking our truth to using our power. Strangers have become soul sisters. We’ve witnessed magic together. You’ve pushed your edges and taken some scary leaps, but gratefully enjoyed the journey.

YOU’VE BEEN ELEVATED.  And we need to celebrate!

For this optional 3-day weekend, we’ll be bunking in a gorgeous Seattle home and sharing meals as we revisit the highlights of the year.

December 3rd – 6th in Seattle, Washington.

I imagine wine, snuggling, live Holiday Council work, a walking trip downtown to enjoy the holiday lights, and amazing coffee shop sipping. Your accommodations for all three nights, a hydrotherapy spa evening, and a special celebratory dinner + evening out on the town will all be covered.


What else is included in Elevate? Read on.

Additional trainings and calls with my League of Awesome Ladies.  We’ll put together a wishlist of women in January and I’ll do my best to get them on the phone for you. I’ve been in this online space long enough to have developed some incredible connections. Let’s use them!

Access to any current or upcoming Stratejoy Course or Council for additional learning — The Joy Equation, The Fierce Love Course, The Holiday Council and anything else I create in 2015.

Surprises. Like in the goody packages in the mail. Maybe some extra goodies at the retreats. Perhaps a call out of the blue to sing you a song. Or invitations to my home to hang out with my family if you’re road-tripping in California. You know — surprises!


New this year! As part of the Elevate Mastermind, you’ll be invited to join me for insider access to Stratejoy Summer Camp as part of the staff. No better way to integrate your learning then to serve as a “counselor” to other joy-seeking women, eh? You’ll help celebrate aha moments, lead small group discussions, and be a general resource of Stratejoy awesome for your bunk.

Of course, you’ll be HAVING ALL THE FUN as well — yoga, meditation, lake time, a high ropes course, bonfire sing-a-longs, inspirational sessions, dance parties, arts and crafts, capture the flag and silent journaling time.

Summer Camp is a bonus for those taking part in Elevate and is totally optional.

Aug/Sept 2015 outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

Exact dates and locations to be released soon! Camp will run from Wednesday through Sunday for 75 campers, and you’ll be invited to an intimate day of staff training and Elevate tackle-hugging starting Tuesday. Your bunk accommodations for all five nights, as well as all meals, beverages and camp activities will be covered. Bonuses may include friendship bracelets, knee socks, and carafes of white sangria.



We are SOLD OUT for 2015!

If you’d like to be the first to know when applications open for 2016,
please sign up for the early notification list.


E15_Molly_ChampagneI created Elevate Mastermind because after being in business for 6 years, I have amazing clients and Tribe sisters who are ready for the next step. 

You’re not in crisis anymore.  You  have an amazing sense of who you are and a growing sense of what you want.  You understand that in order to truly shine, your inside attitudes and desires need to be in alignment with your outside actions.

What you lack is the like-minded company with whom you can be utterly honest.  You lack long-term high-level support with a mentor dedicated to your success.  And perhaps you lack a bit of motivation to keep doing the work, day after day, when the results aren’t immediately clear.

Those are the problems I’m solving by creating this group.

This is not a business mastermind, concentrating on profit and marketing. This is not a church circle, book club, networking conference or manifestation retreat.

ELEVATE MASTERMIND is a group of women who understand the quest to find balance in ambition and acceptance, to find strength in our individuality and to find joy in the process.

It will be made up of women who come from all walks of life — some in business for themselves, some with corporate jobs, some in the process of huge passion projects, some going back to school, some partnered, some single, some mamas — from Houston to Toronto, Raleigh to Vancouver, San Diego to Philadelphia.

All are committed to dreaming, creating, and receiving the most incredible year ever.

You too? 

For the 14 of you brave enough to act on your hunch, apply for this group, and get accepted into Elevate Mastermind? I’m honored and extraordinarily excited to be part of your year.

Ready to make this dream a reality?

We are SOLD OUT for 2015!

If you’d like to be the first to know when applications open for 2016,
please sign up for the early notification list.


Want to read more about the experiences of my Elevate Women? Read on!


I committed to ELEVATE because I knew this was my year to shine! But only if I really invested in myself and getting the support, guidance and community I craved.

Kyla, Winnipeg, Elevate 2013


MaureenWhen I think back to where I was a year ago, it’s crazy that I was only toying with the idea of applying for Elevate. I had a fuzzy idea of what the next year would look like, but I could tell I was getting in my own way. I had this sneaking suspicion that burrowing inside my apartment for days and buying shit on Amazon Prime wasn’t the best way to live. My chaotic finances showed that avoidance and numbing were not fiscally sounds activities.

I had dipped my toe into the world of Stratejoy through other groups, like Holiday and Willpower Councils, and I was already noticing how much those programs were empowering change in my life with only limited interaction with Molly. I guessed that a whole year with her would stimulate all kinds of amazingness… and IT HAS. 

A year ago, I would have talked myself out of signing up for the Marine Corps Marathon (which after the last 20 mile training run, I’m questioning this life choice). A year ago, I would have continued to date the “good on paper” guy instead of the “good for me” guy. Instead, I’m rounding nine months of the best relationship I’ve ever had with a man who I’m proud to love. A year ago, I was receiving text messages from my bank saying my accounts were almost empty weeks before payday. Now, I’ve implemented the plan Molly and I created and I’m almost debt free and my bank accounts are plenty full.

Elevate isn’t magic.  Just signing and showing up won’t change your life automatically.

What Elevate will do is, first, show you that you are not alone in your insecurities and troubles; second, provide you with friends who become teachers/mentors/cheerleaders/soul mates; and third, Elevate will push you to your limit to get you where YOU want to be. Through Elevate, I have achieved my goals and have become part of a community of women who will keep me on the best path for years to come.

Maureen, Arlington, Elevate 2014


DianaElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because I knew I needed support in making big changes in my life.  As I got to know everyone, I was inspired and comforted by the thought that I was truly not “in this alone.” And as the year progressed, my relationship with Molly and the support from the other women  made all the difference.  I’ve felt so much unconditional love throughout this experience.

A year ago, I lived in a different state, had a different job, and hadn’t gone on a date in over 2 years.  I now live across the country, I got a new fellowship, and I have three dates lined up this week.  Striding forward into 2014 with a year full of coaching, group love, and personal growth under my belt, I’m know I can keep the progress going (even though I’m going to miss Molly so much!)

If a gal pal asked me how my life has changed through Elevate, I’d say, “It’s changed in every single way possible because of who I’ve met, the work I’ve done, the support I’ve had, and the mirror I’ve been holding up to my soul.”

Diana, Philadelphia, Elevate 2013


EranI committed to ELEVATE because I was teetering precariously on the edge of so many things: confidence in my new mamahood, finally making the leap into entrepreneurship, cultivating a positive self-image post-pregnancy, redefining the relationship with my husband with a child in the mix, recognizing and battling with post-partum depression. I was feeling incredibly lost and overwhelmed, and I needed a serious kick in the ass to help me start really LIVING my life again.

Elevate Mastermind has brought me back to my centre. Back to honouring, loving and knowing myself.

For me, this was so much more than just a mastermind group. This was a whole-hearted support system, a cheerleading squad, a brainstorming turbine, a garden of self-love and respect, a school of magic and faith and dream-making. Elevate was a place to be seen and heard, so completely and without judgment. After 9 months of struggling with new motherhood and trying to make sense of who I was now that I had another little person in my life, Elevate was a place where I could be honest and real, and where I could get to know myself again.

Striding forward into 2015 with a year full of coaching, group love, and personal growth under my belt, I’m feeling: more confident than I’ve felt in years – maybe in my whole life.  I look at the year behind me and I am SO DAMN PROUD of myself, the things I’ve accomplished, and the life I’ve created.  I CAN’T WAIT to see what 2015 will bring!

 A special note to any mamas out there who are considering applying ~ please, do this for yourself. You give so much of yourself to your kids and your family. Give yourself this incredible gift. I promise you, you will not regret it. I was feeling so lost and overwhelmed by motherhood.  Molly and Elevate brought me back to ME, and I know with 100% certainty that I am a better mother because of the past year that I dedicated to Elevate.

Eran, Vancouver, Elevate 2014


AmandaBElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because I knew I would go farther with this group of amazing women than I could on my own. After the January Retreat, I felt empowered. I had a clear path towards the year that I wanted, and I felt that getting what I wanted was within my reach.

In the past year, I completed grad school on my own terms, ran a half marathon, moved across the country, got a job I’m loving, got a new, healthier perspective on dating through a not-so-fun situation, and made 13 new incredible friends I know will have my back forever. I might have been able to do a fraction of this on my own, but I definitely do not think I could have pushed myself as far or changed my perspective on so many things in my life without being a part of Elevate this year.

As I think about my year with Molly coming to a close, I’m wishing it could go on forever! I will miss my calls with Molly a ridiculous amount and don’t quite know what  I’m go without her. I do know that I am walking away with so many tools and perspectives that I can use myself, so although I’ll miss Molly, I know I’ll be good on my own.

Elevate has helped me be more confident, more sure of my path in life, and more sure that the life I want is most definitely within my reach. In addition to my own stories, it was been wonderful to get to witness and celebrate the journey of these other amazing women throughout the year. Having them to cheer me on when things got rough or to inspire me through their own courage and gutsiness has been one of the biggest blessings of this program.

Amanda B, Los Angeles, Elevate 2013


2014-2I committed to Elevate because something inside me knew that this was the journey I needed to take.

I was tired of setting the same goals year after year and never making any forward progress. I was tired of beating myself up for the days, weeks, months that went by without taking one step in the right direction. I was paralyzed by fear and indecision. More than anything else, I was lonely. I’d been living in a new city for more than a year and didn’t have any friends of my own.

I truly believe that the universe led me to Molly’s virtual doorstep at the exact moment I needed to find her, right on the cusp of a second quarter life crisis: hating my job, unable to get my health under my control, and feeling stuck in a Groundhog’s Day-level routine. When the application was released for Elevate 2014, I had butterflies in my stomach. When I thought about passing on the opportunity or thought “maybe in 2015,” I felt incredibly disappointed and like I was giving in to more excuses not to change my life.

It just wasn’t an option to wait – it had to be NOW.

I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that Elevate has 100% changed my life. I don’t say this lightly because I am FAR from perfect and still have lots of work to do to become the version of myself that I want to be. However, since the moment I was accepted into this loving, vibrant, powerful group of women, I have accomplished so many incredible things.

And perhaps most importantly, I made 13 new friends who now know me as well as the friends I’ve had for a decade or more. They are the kind of friends who have seen me ugly cry and eat Nutella straight from the jar. They have held and supported me as I shared my most shameful secrets. They have cheered and celebrated me as I trumpeted my successes. They have opened a new network for me not just in DC but across the country. My heart has opened because of them.

Then there’s Molly. She has been with me every single step of this year, handing out gold stars when I deserved them, telling me the difficult truth when I needed to hear it, and supporting me in creating a life I can get excited about living. She is a caring, supportive mother and a sassy, soulful friend. She is exactly the person I needed to provide accountability as I navigated massive, simultaneous life changes.

I’m already feeling sad about 2014 coming to a close and not having the same level of support that I’ve enjoyed this year, but there’s a silver lining: the support never ends. I will have my Elevate ladies behind me, I will have Molly, and I will have the knowledge and firsthand experience that all my changes are driven by me.

Lauren, Washington DC, Elevate 2014


2013-HillaryI committed to ELEVATE because even thinking about signing up filled me with more hope for my future than anything had in years.  That alone was a lead I had to follow.

After the January Retreat, I felt connected to a deep inner sense of calm, certainty, and hope. I felt like I’d met some of the most wonderful people in the world and that I’d been spoiled by the love and support of these people I’d only just met. I felt so excited to be setting out on an adventure with this group for a whole year! And I felt so, so happy and grateful to have met Molly!

I’m incredibly grateful I was able to gather the time, the money and the determination to take this leap of faith in myself and in Molly.  I honestly don’t know how I’d have made it to where I am now without this year of Elevate. I’ve learned to get into the process of change and let go of my expected outcome. I’ve learned that it’s in the trenches of change where you meet like-minded spirits, where you release everything you don’t truly need to take with you, and where you develop the strength you need to get where you need to go.

Hillary, Toronto, Elevate 2013


MegI committed to Elevate because I felt stuck, lonely and craving support.  As I was filling out my application at Starbucks, I cried, realizing how much I would love to be a part of a group of like-minded women, and how badly I needed to change my mindset and mentality around certain topics and issues. I’d always thought of myself as a positive person, but I knew there had to be more to life than what I was currently making of it.

Molly helped me push myself, think about things I hadn’t thought of in years, and motivate me to dream big.  I’m so grateful. For so long, I thought I was fine – a job I loved! Wonderful friends! Family spread far and wide! It wasn’t until the retreat and these women and Molly that I fully cracked open and realized how much work I had to do to be the best version of myself. There were thoughtful challenges to complete, past pain to process, and difficult conversations to have.

Elevate is WORK, but it’s the most valuable kind of work you can do for yourself.

My life has changed because I know myself so much better.  I will never be the same because I know that wherever I’m at, I’m enough, I’m worthy and I have everything I need.I’ve spent so long wanting to be a better friend, sister, daughter, employee, human, and not taking any action; Elevate has helped me realize just being the best version of myself is all I need to be. And I have all these incredible women to seek out for advice, help, support, celebration, and virtual dance parties, something I was never sure I’d find.

 Meg, Connecticut, Elevate 2014


NicoleElevateRaveI committed to Elevate because I knew it would be amazing. So much synchronicity brought me back into the Stratejoy orbit at precisely the right moment and there was no way I could pass up the opportunity. I was looking for an experience that would allow me to grow and develop as a woman and allow me to make some connections with other like-minded women.

Elevate offers that and then Molly sweetens the deal with the January retreat, the monthly calls/virtual retreats, random google hangouts, and a full year of coaching, support and girlfriend bonding. The personal growth I have experienced and the friendships I have made have changed my life forever. I am not even remotely the same woman I was at the start of Elevate. I’m beyond grateful that I took a leap of faith and became one of the trail-blazing women in the first ever Elevate Mastermind. 

Within this group of women, I felt like I had finally found my people. I felt connected, loved, supported and accepted for ME. As if that wasn’t enough, the retreat itself was a magical time filled with all the best parts of an adult sleepover, plus a healthy dose of mind/body/soul nourishing. There are secret, magical moments that I can never fully describe and actually do them justice. I feel blessed to have shared those moments with 14 of the most incredible women I’ve ever known.

The most impactful piece of Elevate has been Molly. Without her beautiful spirit and insightful guidance, I would not have grown as much as I have. Knowing she was there supporting me, believing in me, and challenging me made all the difference. There is no doubt in my mind that I will work with her again, but I am a little sad to leave the magic of Elevate behind and pass the torch to a new group of women.

As this year draws to a close, I feel like I know myself better than I ever have. I’m more in touch with my own desires and the path I want my life to head in. I’ve mastered the art of self-care and am infinitely more self-compassionate. With the support of my Elevate sisters, I know I can continue to piece together the life of my dreams. Being a part of Elevate has given me the confidence to keep chasing those big dreams and turn them reality.

Nicole, middle of Illinois, Elevate 2013


strong> 2014-ErinI committed to Elevate because I knew I needed to be challenged to not only go after some big, scary dreams I’ve had on the backburner for some time, but also to be honest with myself and with others about what I feel I’m called to do.

Through Elevate, I’ve realized the power of encouragement and accountability found in a group of such amazing women.

It can be hard to find a safe place to be vulnerable and real — and even more rare to find that kind of space with a group of passionate, talented women who have committed to hold your goals and dreams with respect, kindness, and honesty. I have been seeking that kind of community my whole life. I find a lot of joy in the journey of learning to trust myself and to practice self care, but there is something so beautiful and necessary about community and friendship and speaking the truth to one another.

This year brought many surprises, including a pregnancy and the beginning of mamahood and starting a graduate program I’ve been dreaming about for a decade. But perhaps most surprising is how much I’ve learned to lean on the beautiful, brave, strong women in this group, how much we’ve witnessed in each other’s lives, and how much love is being cultivated for one another. I am so thankful for each sweet lady I’ve come to know through Elevate. They’ve given me such a gift.

Erin, Tacoma, Elevate 2014

2013-MeghanI committed to ELEVATE because I wasn’t happy with my life and I wanted to make a change now, the year I was turning 30, to become a more authentic version of myself. To feel less like life was ruling me, and more like I was taking control of my own future. The way I was feeling before Elevate was permeating every facet of my life – job, family, friendships, relationships. I didn’t want to do anything and I was angry at the fact that I wasn’t where I thought I should be.

After meeting my 13 long lost sisters, I knew would have trusted each of them with my life,and that’s kind of what I did. I needed their help to get me through the year, and they needed me. After the Retreat, I knew that I could count on them always.

A year later, I can truly say I am so at peace with where I’m at now.

A year ago I was stressed about what was going to happen next, what the future held. Now, I can be present and grateful for the day in front of me instead of getting so wrapped up in the fear of the unknown that I can’t accomplish the things I really, really want. After this year I’m feeling so confident, so alive, so challenged to constantly keep growing and evolving.

I think the most important thing that Elevate taught me is how to maintain control over my own life and be the captain of my own ship! I truly feel like anything is possible for me.

I’m so very thankful for the time I shared with Molly and happy that I can release her into the wild so that she can help other women change their lives! I feel  confidant that I am at a place where I know I can do all of these things I have learned on my own.

Meghan, Dallas, Elevate 2013


2014-1There is a quote ​by Nora Ephron that I’ve always loved. It says “Be the heroine of your life.”  After a year in Elevate, I can say that I’m closer being my own heroine than I’ve ever been before. 

This year I finally took the time and created the space to look at my life and chart out my core desires and a path to achieve my goals and dreams. I’ve learned to actually feel my feelings from the lowest, “I suck” moments to the “yippee, I’m awesome” ones.  I’ve learned to redirect my energy, prepare for the tough, but totally needed conversations, motivate myself and dream in specifics versus the abstract.  I’ve learned that by making myself better, I’m have more to give as a wife, daughter, friend and co-worker.

The best part of it all, though, I wasn’t alone. I had Molly there to witness and weigh in on everything.  Our calls offered a safe space to dream and problem solve.  Molly always showed up, with a huge smile, fully engaged, and genuinely interested in making a difference in my life.  Through our deep conversations, silly motivational challenges, the journal prompts and the book recommendations, Molly was able to access my inner heroine and bring her a bit closer to the surface.

And as if Molly was not enough, there were 12 other amazing women cheering me along, asking the tough questions, holding me accountable, and so many times articulating exactly how I was feeling and what I was trying to convey, much better than I ever could.  These girls just got me. Despite all of our different desires and journeys, we connected for hours upon hours of soulful conversations, melodic laughter, and virtual dance parties!  They say like attracts like and Molly attracts awesome, ambitious, intelligent, self-less, and humble women that I’ll be laughing with for years to come.  

If you find yourself thinking about Elevate 2015, I say this: Jump in head first and expect to be amazed by what you learn about yourself.  May you have loads to dream and scheme on. May you find peace and clarity in the chaos of life and control over your destiny.

Show up to be the heroine on your own life!

Jenna, NYC, Elevate 2014

AnnieElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because for the first time in a really long time I had concrete goals that I really wanted to meet.  I thought, man, if I could reach those goals in one year, it truly would be the best year ever.  And wouldn’t you know… I hit all three goals three months before the year was over!

After the January Retreat, I felt like I could do anything!!!  I felt like I was going home with 13 new sisters who were part of a new and incredible support system.  The amount of love, trust and inspiration that was created and shared at the retreat was more than I could have imagined and definitely the highlight of the Elevate experience. I’m pretty anti-retreat, so I was a bit trepidatious about the whole thing–but it was absolutely amazing! I think I cried every day that first week I was home because I missed everyone so much.

When I think back to where I was a year ago, it’s crazy that I have done everything I set out to do!  I’m a mama to a beautiful baby girl, I started my coaching biz and quit my day job an attorney.

I will never be the same because I’ve learned so much about myself this year, especially about goal-setting.  I learned that I tend to shy away from setting goals because I’m afraid of failing.  But when I don’t set goals, I seldom get what I want.  Now that I’ve met many tiny goals on the way to reaching my big goals for the ELEVATE year, I know how I work best and how to set and meet goals going forward.

Annie, Philadelphia, Elevate 2013


AmandaDElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because I’d always been successful at things, but I wasn’t necessarily happy.

It took lots of digging and soul work to recognize that it wasn’t the “things” I’d done or owned that brought me satisfaction or that my heart really craved. Being able to check-in with Molly, knowing I’d have somebody lovingly pushing me and cheering loudly for me, allowed me to do the inner work necessary to really get to know myself.  I am now able to work through barriers holding me back and continue to build my own authentic, rich life that feels truly successful and fulfilling to me.

I have no doubt that I’ll look back on 2013 and the year I spent coaching with Molly as both a milestone and a turning point in my life.

Amanda D, Houston, Elevate 2013


DeeI committed to Elevate because the external pieces were there for me (the job, the dreamy location, the relationship), but I wasn’t feeling momentum or direction. I knew there was more for me just beyond my reach. I knew all the work I’d done through Molly’s other programs had brought me to this intersection; the point where I was ready to put all the pieces together and take it up a notch to the next level.

As I got to know my girls I became certain that we would be a group of women whose vastly different goals would inspire and motivate each other to be individuals. I was excited for all there was to learn from one another. I felt comfortable in declaring my big, big dreams and most soul-driven desires. And I was connected, finally, to an accepting tribe.

After the January retreat, I felt tuned into my intuition. I felt much more at peace and trusting that everything would come in due time and that this year — and every year after — would unfold just as it was meant to unfold. And I felt READY. Like a runner at the gate, lunging and prepared to burst out. I was scared to run towards my bigger life but I knew there was no such thing as failure if I began the race.

When I think back to where I was a year ago, it’s crazy that I’m so much less afraid to face my own life. And how much I now value and trust the lifelong process of personal growth.

The most impactful piece of Elevate has been the connection. The encouragement to be fully expressed, even (and maybe most importantly) when it’s uncomfortable. The realest revelations of the year didn’t always come in celebration and joy but when I took a dive into the depths of my emotions. When I rose to the surface to share my experience with my Elevate sisters, I felt deeply impacted by their mere presence.

After this year I’m feeling so, so, so, so much more trust. I’m feeling armed with the gift of choice, trained in self-love and tightly braided to a support net that will be there to lift up, challenge, understand and celebrate me for my entire life. I’ve shed the skin of shame, guilt and discomfort. I’ve been revealed and exposed. You can’t put those layers back on once you’ve tossed them aside.

I’m forever changed in a way that I didn’t even realize was holding me back because I’ve come more ALIVE in my mind, body and soul.

Diane, Los Angeles, Elevate 2014.


VictoriaElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because I felt like I was passively drifting through life. I had BIG goals but was not making progress on any of them. I craved accountability, structure, a supportive community and of course a big dose of Stratejoy magic that only Molly could provide! When the ELEVATE email arrived in my inbox I felt like Molly was speaking directly to me.

The most amazing part has been the close-knit community we created. As I got to know my Elevate girls, I became aware that I had found my people.  From the first emails in October to in-person bonding at the retreat (sleepovers, dance parties, skinny dipping  champagne, oh my!) to the countless messages/emails/ridiculous hangouts — we have forged a connection that perviously had been missing from my life.  I feel as though I am able to share my deepest darkest fears with these ladies without hesitation and I always know that they will be there to celebrate with me!

I’m filled with gratitude for having Molly in my inner circle over the last year. She is like a wise older sister. She motivated me to go after the goals that aligned with my truest values. She pushed me to my edges and dared me to go just a little bit farther and when needed she would be there with the biggest of virtual hugs!

 Victoria, Ottawa, Elevate 2013


ErinElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because I wished that my life was full of strong women, authentic connections, laughter and adventure.

I ran across this quote the other day and thought – this is me!

“You know what’s really, powerfully sexy? A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab on to. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition. … Smart-ass comebacks. Presence. A quick wit. Dirty jokes told by an innocent-looking lady. … A woman who realizes how beautiful she is.” – Courtney E. Martin

A year ago I never would have said I was powerfully sexy. I would have only wished that I felt powerfully sexy. Today – almost a year into Elevate – I know I am powerfully sexy, not because I lost 10 lbs or was perfect in my morning ritual this year, but through Elevate I got comfortable being myself – loving myself, appreciating my own beauty and humor and with the investment, valuing myself. 

I’m a planner, so naturally, I worried at the beginning about what would happen when it’s over. Would I need this kind of intense support forever? I joined Elevate in part because I wanted to achieve and do and go! Go! GO! Have my best year yet!  Life is messy and yes, there was achievement, going and doing, but with Elevate and Molly as the guide, the achievement came out of being and will continue long after this year is over.

Molly has a gift for drawing together beautiful women, building community (at the retreat and beyond), connecting with each of us and allowing the space for us to develop relationships with each other. I leapt with Molly and the other women into this adventure of Elevate and like everything else worth doing, I got out what I put in and I will never regret investing in my life – the work I’ve done with Molly this year, the friendships I’ve nurtured and the life I built.

Erin, Boulder, Elevate 2013


LeighI committed to Elevate because I knew that I wanted to create a more deliberate, balanced and joyful life, but needed some nudging and accountability with several things that were a bit harder for me to consistently change. Also, I didn’t want to wait any longer to have the life I desired.

I was just blown away by the magic of the first retreat in Ojai. Molly brings people together in a way that puts others at ease and sparks an instant sense of community while nurturing each person’s individuality and purpose. The in-person retreats, online forum, virtual retreats and monthly check-ins keep the group in close contact and offer ongoing resources, support and inspiration.

Molly’s straightforward, yet soulful and spirited coaching along the way was just what I needed to dive (and yes…sometimes tip-toe) into my goals and make them a reality.

Has my life changed? Honestly, how has my life not changed? My relationship with myself and others has been revolutionized. I’m feeling more free, abundant and creative, and I’m learning better work-life balance. Truly, my life has been impacted in every way.

I am forever grateful to Molly and my Elevate sisters for this experience and I know that we will always support each other in our lives moving forward.

Leigh, Houston, Elevate 2014.


StephElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because I felt stuck. I was in a job rut, a life rut, and just kind of gliding through life feeling unsatisfied. I had worked with Molly before on Find Your Passion Work and loved the experience, but I knew I needed more. I wasn’t in a crisis but I was in need of some truly deep introspection and committed time to work on myself and reconnect with who I’ve always been.

Through the Elevate programming, Molly’s coaching, and support of my Elevate sisters, I’ve asked myself questions I never even thought of before and been strong enough to stand up for myself in a big way, and make big strides in my life. The thing is, I’m a changed person, but not because I’m a different person…because I’ve learned new ways to look at all aspects of my life and be honest about it all.

The Elevate experience has opened up so many possibilities in my life, and though I may not know what the next steps are, I’m in a much more positive and stronger mindset to make the best of anything the future holds. Not to mention how awesome it feels to have a tribe of lifelong sisters!

I’m forever thankful for the experience of Elevate and the new Elevate family that I have.

Stephanie, Austin, Elevate 2013


LaurenElevateRaveI committed to ELEVATE because I needed some real change in my life, and I had no idea how to make it happen. In the 8 months before I applied, I lost several loved ones, earned a promotion, cancelled my engagement, found out my former fiance was never in love with me, moved, met a bunch of new people, traveled, drank too much, and lost my best friend in the world — my Grandma. I was stalled. I was out of steam. I needed some help to get me moving again.

Elevate appealed to me because I’d worked with Molly before and I knew it would be exactly the hard work and honest guidance that I was so desiring.

After the January Retreat, I felt energized, connected with other courageous girls, ready to get to work, and a little nervous about how all of it was going to pan out. Going from the magic of the January Retreat (yoga, trees, tea, laughter, wine, and true companionship!) back to real life (fresh off a bad breakup, gaining weight, struggling at work) was really hard, but it helped me to identify where I needed to work. I used that lesson over and over throughout the year to identify things that made me uncomfortable or unhappy and put extra work into understanding and changing them.

When I think back to where I was a year ago, it’s crazy that so much has changed! It’s strange to say, but it’s true: people who knew me before Elevate have seen the difference in my demeanor, in my writing, in my actions, in our relationships. Friends have written long emails to say how happy they are for my own very real, very visible happiness, and sometimes even to ask advice and guidance. I can’t pinpoint specifically when it happened, but sometime this year I gained the confidence to stand on my own two feet, and the knowledge of how do it with kindness and poise. 

I feel stronger and more confident than I ever have before, and more importantly, I feel incredibly self-aware. I understand my emotions and needs better, and I’m able to discover the whys that define what I do.

Elevate changed me. Elevate gave me sisters, for the first time in my life. Elevate reminded me, gently sometimes and with a punch at other times, that I am a real, genuine, good, strong woman. Elevate taught me how to tap into all of the beauty and goodness within, and allowed me to explore how I can share that with the world. Elevate made me reevaluate and really think about a lot of aspects of my life. Elevate helped me to find the confidence to talk about the life I really want to be living, stripped away from the needs and pressures of outside sources, and what I need to do to get there.

I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today — emotionally, romantically, mentally, physically — without Elevate.

Lauren, Arlington, Elevate 2013


And move forward I have.  I have accomplished so many of my goals, and discovered my real desires. I got to the point where I can proudly say, on most days, that  — right now, in this very moment, I feel like everything is coming together, that I am exactly where I need to be, that the pieces are falling into place, and that I am surrounded and cradled by people who love me and want to see me succeed. My heart feels full and I am grateful.

Change happens over a long period of time, little by little. Looking over my journal entries from December and January, I can see just how far I have come. Molly and my Elevate sisters are here to witness the changes and celebrate the growth along the way.

I will never be the same because of this year!

Katherine, Montreal, Elevate 2013


2014-AbbyI knew I wanted my next year to be different — big, bold, and amazing — when I stared at the Elevate application in October 2013, so I figured I had nothing to lose. But even I underestimated how much my life would change on the journey in 2014.

I developed the courage to step up in my work and my side creative pursuits. I brought joy and fun to the day-to-day of life, which as, a type-A workaholic to the core, I didn’t even realize I was missing. And I did it all in a group of amazing women on their own journeys, sharing their own lessons, and making us all better as a whole.

The most powerful lesson I learned this year is this: when I think of something brave (read: scary!) I want to do, then rebut with “well, I’m not the kind of person who could do that,” I now simply move immediately to, “so, what do I do to become the kind of person who is?” Whoa.

That mental destination has already made 2014 an amazing year — but the journey itself has brought more love, laughter, tears (the good kind!), and learning than I could have hoped for. My only regret is it’s only a year long!

Abby, Arlington, Elevate 2014



Questions, Concerns, Whatnot… Tweet or contact me!

I hope you choose to take a risk and apply for Elevate, lovely one.  It’s a fucking fantastic way to spend a year.

A love-filled, soul-satisfying, edge-pushing, dream-chasing and totally transformational fucking fantastic year.