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What does Stratejoy stand for? How do you pronounce Stratejoy?

Stratejoy is a combination of the words ‘Strategies’ and ‘Joy’ which is exactly what we aim to provide here at Stratejoy: Useful + Inspiring Strategies for Joy. Pronunciation? STRAT-eh-Joy.

How do I become a Life Coach?

Oh yes.  The biggie!  This is a question all of us coaches get numerous times a month!  Luckily for all of us, one of my fabulous colleagues, Kate Swobada, put together a free ebook with all of our answers. Check it out HERE.

I want to blog for Stratejoy! How do I go about doing that?

Yay! We have a few opportunities throughout the year that give you a chance to write for Stratejoy.  One is by applying to be a Seasonal Blogger. The Bloggers take on an important role with Stratejoy for 5 months  (for a “Season”) by sharing  up-to-the-moment insight into their personal transitions. We also run Essay Contests for our Tribe a few times a year — making the finals is a chance to get your post published on the site!

You can get more information and up-to-date deadlines by visitng our GUEST POSTING PAGE.

When is the next Get it Of The Ground/Find Your Passion Work/Council happening?

I’m never entirely sure…  But if you go to each page, you can leave your email to be put on the early notification list.  As soon as I open registration, I will email you.

Business Coaching: GET IT OFF THE GROUND


Tribe Gathering:  THE COUNCIL

Can I repost one of your blog posts?

I’m all about sharing and spreading the love– so you can surely pass on any posts, quotes, or content that you find here on Stratejoy. Please just make sure you give me (or the Guest Blogger) proper credit and  link back to the post where you grabbed the goodness.  And feel free to snag my mug from any one of the millions of photos I have on the site!

I bought a program/product and I haven’t gotten it yet. What’s up?

Eek!  Sorry!  Sometimes this happens! Email Katie (katie [at] stratejoy [dot] com) with your PayPal receipt.  She’ll get you all hooked up.

I have a question not shown above.

You are so orginial! If you can’t find the answer here or around the site, just CONTACT ME and we’ll do our best to get your question answered as quickly as possible.  But if you actually want a quick answer?  TWITTER is my jam.