Need a Keynote Speaker?  Workshop Facilitator?
Unconventional Trainer?  I’m in.

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Here’s what I bring to the table:  humor, inspiration, connection and the ability to craft my message to your unique audience.  Each keynote speech or workshop is created for the specific gig for which I’m hired.  It’s fresh and relevant to your needs.

From the Ladies who Launch National Conference to the CRAVE Business Symposium, from the local Junior League to the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, from the US Army to lululemon athletica, I’ve been known to make a difference.  To make a positive impact. To inspire and refresh.

Things I dig talking about

  • Joy on a Daily Basis: How do we consciously design our day-to-day to experience more joy, presence and success?
  • Living Life on Purpose and on Your Own Terms: Becoming intentional in your work, play, relationships and parenting!
  • Being Young, Passionate and Profitable: What it takes to make money doing what you love. And why you should start now.
  • Doing Things Your Way: Why there’s no such thing as the “right way.
  • Transitions, transitions, transitions: The Quarterlife Crisis, new Mama, or big changes in your Business.
  • Are you ready for a Lifestyle Businesses: Soloprenuers, location independence, and becoming a remarkable brand.
  • Positive Psychology, baby.

Sound interesting?  CONTACT ME to inquire about logistics and fee structure.  It would be extremely helpful if you include the details of your event.  Who is the audience? When is the event?  What is your budget for speaking?  I’m am happy to work with you to create a keynote, interactive program, small group workshop, or breakout session to fit your desires and your budget.


I  leave Molly’s talks fired up.  She’s one part sweet, one part sass and all about helping you find your right life.  She doesn’t talk the fluffy stuff, she gives you substantive tools to change your life.  And, she does it with flair and really cute shoes.  If you have the chance to experience Molly in person, do it.

Bridgette Boudreau, Master Coach and CEO of Martha Beck Inc

I always love to listen to Molly speak!  She is entertaining and inspiring at the same time –  a hard balance to strike.  Her true self comes out and that is so refreshing… I can always relate to her real life examples.

Melody Biringer, Founder of The CRAVE Company

Molly has an amazing ability to connect with a diverse roomful of people on a personal level. She drives home hard-hitting pieces of advice through interactive exercises and insightful questions. Her presentations are inspirational, sassy and REAL.

Jess Estrada,

Molly has the ability to engage people easily with her vivacious enthusiasm, but her influence goes beyond the surface. Molly is able to genuinely connect with people, because what she is saying is coming from an authentic place. Her true passion shines through when she speaks and it is both inspiring and uplifting to listen to her.

Andrea Rae, Alinga Bodywork

Molly is a dynamic leader whose love, intelligence and grace shine through every ounce of her work. Whether writing to thousands of readers, speaking to a crowd of hundreds or coaching clients one-on-one, her authenticity and moxie are second to none. Molly’s tribe of loyal fans and supporters love her because she continually provides them with experience, awareness and growth that propels them toward all their lifelong goals.

Dave Ursillo, Writer and Philosopher


  • “Inspiring, great timing.  Molly is an awesome speaker!! Her advice is reasonable, realistic, and relevant.  Her examples and tips were great.”
  • ” Incredible training! Motivating and hopeful.”
  • “Awesome interaction. She was young, hip, and relatable!”
  • “She was great, one of the best/rewarding trainings of my JLS career”
  • “Great speaker and interaction with the audience.”
  • “[I loved] the executable ideas, strategies, tactics and brainstorming what works for me.  One of the best JLS trainings I’ve attended.”