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Ask Me Anything

Life is better when you make yourself vulnerable. There are more ups and downs, but it’s so much more fulfilling to put your true self out there for others to see.

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Confidence Doesn’t Always Come from a Bottle

I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t publicly acknowledge that yes, taking those few weeks off from drinking was a good thing. An awesome thing, in fact.

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Giving Up Perfect for Good Enough

In some ways, as a toddler-mom, I feel I’m getting the chance to re-do that child part of myself that got lost in seeking As and perfection. My boss, a three-foot-tall, animal cracker eating tyrant, doesn’t give out many sparkling reviews. And she gives me no time to make anything perfect. She only gives me 10 seconds to figure out what I’m going to do and act accordingly. I make mistakes often, and I make up everything as I go along.

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Taking Back My Beauty

Sure, I could be thinner. And I could continue letting that get me down, thinking I’m not worthy of love or affection. Or, I can find whatever it is out there that makes me hold my head high and say to the world, “Let’s face it, guys. I’m pretty awesome.”

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For the Love of Group Fitness

As I adjusted the microphone on my head and snapped my tunebelt around my waist, my body started to shake with nervous energy. My mind screamed at me. I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this. I’ve been preparing for this moment for weeks and weeks. Months even. By all accounts, I had prepared to the fullest. Yet my palms sweated, my knees knocked together, my heart thumped in my ears as I stared out at the 35 people waiting for me to present.

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The ABC’s of Self-Love Free Guide

I Believe in the Transformational Power of Adoring Ourselves. And the gorgeous women who contributed to this FREE GUIDE do to! As you probably know, I spent two weeks in February hosting a Fierce Love Blog Crawl to start a lively conversation across the internet about the meaning and practice of self-love. Before you? The 74 page aftermath of this experiment…

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“I am my Hair” or “A Repose in Womanhood”

Long hair and the elusive nature of femininity is a deep well of hurt for me. For a long, long time, I had a hard time feeling female. Gender dysphoria, although rarely discussed in polite company, is something that was a real issue for me growing up.

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Standing Up to Negative Self Talk

I want to talk about The Voice for a bit. You know. THAT VOICE… the one in your head that tells you things like
“You suck.” “Why are you trying this? It’s stupid.” “Oh, Big Deal. Like that’s even important.” and one of my faves…
“Your parents will be so disappointed.”

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