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Babies Don’t Come With Instructions

For those of you with new babies, or who are considering having babies, I’m about to bestow upon you, the greatest piece of advice I can possibly give you. The only advice you will ever really need, and I wish someone had given it to me (actually – they probably did, I just didn’t listen….so LISTEN). The reason that babies don’t come with an instruction manual is because….wait for it……Every. Baby. Is. Different.

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My 12th Thanksgiving Ever

This has been my 12th Thanksgiving ever. Almost half of my previous 11 Thanksgivings have been spent away from home in various places, including North Carolina, California, Virgina, and England. Needless to say, with the newness of the holiday to me and with so much traveling, I haven’t found myself participating in any specific Thanksgiving […]

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My Thanksgiving Tradition of Not Having a Tradition

I love a good tradition, but for some reason, not having one on Thanksgiving doesn’t bother me. As long as I’m with people that I love, it’s all good. Eating lots of food is also a bonus.

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Learning to Let Go

Once I got over the initial OHMYGOD, MY BABY IS IN KINDERGARTEN shock, I’ve settled into a more relaxed acceptance of the whole situation. I think all the time we were spending together was making us both a little crazy. {Well me, for sure!}

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A Colorful Visit to One Of My Favorite Cities

I’m so excited to discover that I’m giving myself permission to be myself. To have fun and enjoy my life for me and not solely as a momma. I make plenty of memories with my little person. But the Color Run was for me. Every powdery, colorful, skin-staining minute of it!

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Pushing Through It

INTRODUCING CLARE: “Two little pink lines brought me crashing back down to earth.”   One day during the summer of 2011, I excitedly emailed Molly with the subject line, “On why I won’t be applying to be a Stratejoy blogger.” Why? Because I thought I had my life figured out. A couple months worth of […]

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Giving Up Perfect for Good Enough

In some ways, as a toddler-mom, I feel I’m getting the chance to re-do that child part of myself that got lost in seeking As and perfection. My boss, a three-foot-tall, animal cracker eating tyrant, doesn’t give out many sparkling reviews. And she gives me no time to make anything perfect. She only gives me 10 seconds to figure out what I’m going to do and act accordingly. I make mistakes often, and I make up everything as I go along.

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Mothers and Daughters

Part of me feels itchy and uncomfortable, seeing my mom as a person with her own struggles and challenges. Part of me only wants to view her and my Dad as Parents. Those People Who Know Everything. Seeing her as someone apart from my mother is a strange realization.

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Lessons From a Two Year Old

As the mom of a two-year-old, I’ve learned not to take myself so seriously. It can be fun to do the unexpected, be silly, and eat apple sauce for dinner. Why not?

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Self Compassion and the Journey to Fierce Love

Radical acceptance has a best friend. And that best friend is self compassion. While I’m all about my newfound appreciation for radical acceptance, I’m still finding it doesn’t quite get me in the frame of mind I need to be in to accomplish my goals and feel good about myself.

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