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The smartest investment to make in your 20’s…and again and again the rest of your life

So here I am 7 years after the break down, 5 years after finding Molly and deciding to launch a baby shoe boutique, 2 months into Elevate. I don’t have all the answers, but I have a couple things that are more important.

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Talking Desires with Danielle LaPorte

One of my favorite parts of The Holiday Council is sharing the interviews I’ve been doing with inspiring women from around the web. This year I thought long and hard about who I wanted to talk to — I wanted women who seemed to manifest true magic in their lives, who had killer years, who were really embracing joyful devotion to their dreams.

So I made some big asks. And I got some big beautiful yeses.

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Why is being yourself so damn hard?

One of the toughest things you can do these days is “be yourself” in a world that wants you to be so many different things, all at the same time.

So what do you do?

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Nicole: On the Record and Oversharing

It’s totally bittersweet for me, but I think this was my most favorite week of the whole season! It was so much fun to see the questions my fellow Season 7 rockstars came up with and I had a blast answering them. You may learn a few things about me that you didn’t want to know and for that I don’t really apologize…I’m quirky and I’m told its a pretty lovable trait. ENJOY!

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An Exciting New Year of Possibilities

Maybe I won’t accomplish everything on my list in one year, but I plan to take full advantage of all the support I have. This is my year, and I’m going to rock it!

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Paying it Forward to Heal the Soul

I know I didn’t lose my daughter in the tragedy, but I lost a little more of my faith in humanity. I’m hopeful that by continuing to be grateful for the good things in my own life, and sharing that goodness with {at least} 26 others, I can honor the 26 amazing lives that were taken in a senseless, evil act.

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So much Inspiration, Self-Love and Authenticity

The last few weeks I’ve experienced quite a range of emotions – from soul-aching sadness to heart-melting happiness. It has been quite a ride, but I’ve never felt more alive than I do right now.

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The Peace that Comes from Naming your Passion

I want to be a model of a woman who loves herself, who finds joy in ordinary places, who celebrates her individuality – and I want to pay it forward.

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Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Losing someone you haven’t really talked to in over 15 years is a really weird thing. I almost feel like I’m not allowed to be sad because I didn’t really “know” her anymore. But at the same time, for four very important years in my life, she was one of my best friends.

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WANTED: Hobbies

Somewhere along the way, I feel like my hobbies became “interests” – things I enjoyed, but didn’t actually do. When did this change happen?

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