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9 New Ways to Practice Gratitude

While watching Brené Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this weekend, I was reminded of the remarkable link between joy and gratitude.

In her book The Gifts of Imperfection she writes, “Without exception, every person I interviewed who described living a joyful life or who described themselves as joyful, actively practiced gratitude and attributed their joyfulness to their gratitude practice. And both joy and gratitude were described as spiritual practices that were bound to a belief in human interconnectedness and a power greater than us.”

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And All That’s Left is Goodbye

And now the time has come to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes – like really hate them. I’ve been known to stay friends with people or stay in relationships far too long because I have such an aversion to goodbyes. And As my Elevate loves can tell you, I’m a goodbye crier. I will try […]

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Nicole: On the Record and Oversharing

It’s totally bittersweet for me, but I think this was my most favorite week of the whole season! It was so much fun to see the questions my fellow Season 7 rockstars came up with and I had a blast answering them. You may learn a few things about me that you didn’t want to know and for that I don’t really apologize…I’m quirky and I’m told its a pretty lovable trait. ENJOY!

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Joy and Peace vs Fear and Confusion

I don’t really know how to reconcile these two sides of me. For now I’m taking it one day at a time and hoping I have more days where I feel happy and peaceful than days where I feel fearful and guilty.

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So much Inspiration, Self-Love and Authenticity

The last few weeks I’ve experienced quite a range of emotions – from soul-aching sadness to heart-melting happiness. It has been quite a ride, but I’ve never felt more alive than I do right now.

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The Peace that Comes from Naming your Passion

I want to be a model of a woman who loves herself, who finds joy in ordinary places, who celebrates her individuality – and I want to pay it forward.

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I Found Joy (In A Hopeless Place)

I might not have a boyfriend or a job or a sick ass body but I do not, by any means, have NOTHING. I have my friends and my family and my health. I have a city of endless possibilities, gorgeous spring days and the ability to dance like an idiot in my room whenever I feel like it. My life is far from over.

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Changing My Life’s Trajectory In 6 Easy Steps

I love the path of least resistance. Who doesn’t? It protects you from getting hurt and lets you watch countless episodes of 30 Rock instead of doing…anything. It’s also boring and unfulfilling, and I refuse to continue on this way.

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Finishing my manifesto and learning what self-love really is

Sitting in a bright red Ikea chair at a local coffee shop, it hit me. The deadline smacked me across the face like the icy wind on the walk to the shop, and I knew, I was screwed.

It was the day I was supposed to unleash my brilliant, value-packed, fabulous new email opt-in on the world – and my manifesto wasn’t done. At least not totally. After weeks of hashing it out, scrapping sections, and letting my heart pour on to the page, it still. wasn’t. done.

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Breaking Free of Poverty Mindset – Here’s to My New Money Shoes

Money hasn’t been an easy subject for me for a long time. When I was a kid, I was a saver. But my mom would “borrow” my money, so I learned to spend it when I had it.

Now, I owe $30,000 in student loan debt, due to start being paid back in June. And a baby due February 29th. As you can imagine, “I got my mind on the money, and the money on my mind.”

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