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The ABC’s of Self-Love Free Guide

I Believe in the Transformational Power of Adoring Ourselves. And the gorgeous women who contributed to this FREE GUIDE do to! As you probably know, I spent two weeks in February hosting a Fierce Love Blog Crawl to start a lively conversation across the internet about the meaning and practice of self-love. Before you? The 74 page aftermath of this experiment…

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How Winning the Stratejoy Scholarship Changed Me

Hello tribe, I’m Ashley, and I am proud to say that I am the first ever Stratejoy Scholarship recipient. Now that my coaching from Molly is complete, she wanted me to share a bit of the experience with the tribe (and I, of course, jumped at the chance).

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The 1st Annual Stratejoy Scholarship

It’s here!! I’m every kind of excited to announce that the first ever Stratejoy Scholarship is open for applications! Wanna get six sessions with me for zero dollars? This is your chance.

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Legacy, Discoveries, and a Scholarship

So, I got this email from an amazing girl whom I’m going to call Gina. Why Gina? Well, that’s her name. I cried when I read it because 1) I was so happy for her and 2) I was totally touched by her words.

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The Road Trip, Part 3

You guys!  It feels like it’s been ages since I wrote a personal post and updated you on what’s actually going on in my life.  HELLO LOVELY!! So, to really get caught up- we’re going to have to resume the update after my whirlwind time conference hopping in November!  I wrote a bit about how […]

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10 Things You Need to Know to Launch “Your Thing”

Have you ever had an idea so big that it occupies your thoughts every day? Have you ever been so focused on a vision – on the “I wish” and “What if” – that you made little or no progress toward actually achieving it?

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20 Something Bloggers? Apply for Season 4! Also Internships!

That’s right ladies. We’re going through some big changes over here at Stratejoy- but the 20 something bloggers will continue! Season 4 is so on.

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The Trick to Saving Your Own Life

My business is dedicated to helping you figure out your definition of success. Why? Because getting really fucking clear on your definition of success is insanely useful. You know what and where to aim, and you can celebrate your own path instead of continually comparing yourself to someone else or getting sidetracked by the next shiny object.

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All We Have Is Now

“All we have is now. If it doesn’t drive you, or delight you, stop doing it right now, and start doing something you love. If there’s someone who inspires you, let them know. If there’s someone you love, tell ’em. You have absolutely NO time to waste.” -Birdie of Bonne Vie

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The Internet is Fake, Or Why You Should Just Get On With Your Own Awesome Life

I’ve never believed that the internet actually reflects real life. Though I swear I do my best to be as real and honest as I can here (and encourage my bloggers to do the same!) it’s still carefully chosen phrasing, moments of gloom wrapped up into “lessons learned” posts, and lots and lots of undying enthusiasm.

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