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Joy and Peace vs Fear and Confusion

I don’t really know how to reconcile these two sides of me. For now I’m taking it one day at a time and hoping I have more days where I feel happy and peaceful than days where I feel fearful and guilty.

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Paying it Forward to Heal the Soul

I know I didn’t lose my daughter in the tragedy, but I lost a little more of my faith in humanity. I’m hopeful that by continuing to be grateful for the good things in my own life, and sharing that goodness with {at least} 26 others, I can honor the 26 amazing lives that were taken in a senseless, evil act.

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So much Inspiration, Self-Love and Authenticity

The last few weeks I’ve experienced quite a range of emotions – from soul-aching sadness to heart-melting happiness. It has been quite a ride, but I’ve never felt more alive than I do right now.

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The Dating Dilemma

People tell me that I need to make sacrifices to find someone. I need to put in the time and the work, and that when I’m in a relationship, I will need to, you know, spend time with that person, and I get that. I get it, because I’ve done that and done it happily.

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Stop Planning Your Wedding

Our wedding day was awesome because I set absolutely no expectations. I told myself that as long as I ended the day married, I succeeded. The result was one of the best days of my life.

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Learning to Let Go

Once I got over the initial OHMYGOD, MY BABY IS IN KINDERGARTEN shock, I’ve settled into a more relaxed acceptance of the whole situation. I think all the time we were spending together was making us both a little crazy. {Well me, for sure!}

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A Colorful Visit to One Of My Favorite Cities

I’m so excited to discover that I’m giving myself permission to be myself. To have fun and enjoy my life for me and not solely as a momma. I make plenty of memories with my little person. But the Color Run was for me. Every powdery, colorful, skin-staining minute of it!

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California Dreaming

Going to Los Angeles was my plan…I was going to move out there and write for sitcoms. That was all I cared about and I never considered love or starting a family or anything “boring” like that. Well, I have a funny thing to tell you, kids: Love always wins.

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Wild West Pastry Queen Rides Into The Sunset

Don’t think that just because we all blogged here for 5 months, our lives are magically just amazeballs.

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The Converted Adventurer

Remember how I said I wouldn’t travel? Because I get all antsy about my routine and picky about how I like my coffee and fussy about pillows? Well. I did it. I threw my fears about traveling off a cliff. And not just any cliff. The cliff of the Grand Canyon.

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