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Paying it Forward to Heal the Soul

I know I didn’t lose my daughter in the tragedy, but I lost a little more of my faith in humanity. I’m hopeful that by continuing to be grateful for the good things in my own life, and sharing that goodness with {at least} 26 others, I can honor the 26 amazing lives that were taken in a senseless, evil act.

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So much Inspiration, Self-Love and Authenticity

The last few weeks I’ve experienced quite a range of emotions – from soul-aching sadness to heart-melting happiness. It has been quite a ride, but I’ve never felt more alive than I do right now.

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Learning to Let Go

Once I got over the initial OHMYGOD, MY BABY IS IN KINDERGARTEN shock, I’ve settled into a more relaxed acceptance of the whole situation. I think all the time we were spending together was making us both a little crazy. {Well me, for sure!}

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The Peace that Comes from Naming your Passion

I want to be a model of a woman who loves herself, who finds joy in ordinary places, who celebrates her individuality – and I want to pay it forward.

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Introducing: Team Stratejoy

We’ve got some new women doing some behind-the-scenes magic. From graphic design and product development to public relations and copyrighting, these ladies are extremely talented. They are Team Stratejoy, and we’re darn proud of it!

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