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With Big Decisions Can Come Great Confusion

It was one of the bravest, scariest, most authentic choices I’d ever made. I knew it was the right move, but it happened so quickly I didn’t realize how much confusion would follow me.

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The Dating Dilemma

People tell me that I need to make sacrifices to find someone. I need to put in the time and the work, and that when I’m in a relationship, I will need to, you know, spend time with that person, and I get that. I get it, because I’ve done that and done it happily.

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The Peace that Comes from Naming your Passion

I want to be a model of a woman who loves herself, who finds joy in ordinary places, who celebrates her individuality – and I want to pay it forward.

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Challenging everything I thought I knew

At some point, I have to choose between continuing to let my fears rule my life, or taking a risk that other people will accept me and all my self-percieved flaws

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Meet Nicole: Passion + Authenticity

I’m not one of those people who feels like she did everything right. In fact, I’ve done most things the hard way. Looking back on my life, I feel sad. I drifted through without much forethought into what I was doing. I had no plan, no ultimate goal, spent no time soul searching on how to find fulfillment. There was no hint of living with intention.

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It’s Been Real

When I got Molly’s email notifying me I was a finalist in the Season 6 Stratejoy Blogger search, I was getting ready to board a plane to the Blissdom blogging conference. It was late February, and I was just starting to come down from a bad winter. I was down and out, depressed, anxious, and suffering from esphagitus.

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Shedding This Skin, I Become Who I Am

I regret not being as consistent with my blogging in the last month as I was in the first few. It looks like I still need to find a better balance with my life and making sure I can do everything I want to the best of my abilities. I admit, I applied to be a Stratejoy blogger on a whim and I’m glad that I did. I’ve learned that there are other folks out there like me who are still figuring out how we shall exist in this vast universe.

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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

I know that this experience will help shape the next phase of my journey, because even if I don’t know where I’m going, I know now that I have the tools to get me there.

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That’s What She Said

I wasn’t convinced I had it in me to reach my goals. I had a tough winter before coming on as a Stratejoy blogger, and I lost faith in myself and my abilities. Five months later, the stuff that used to plague me doesn’t haunt me any more.

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Faith, Death, and Tough Questions

There’s something I think about a lot. But I never want to talk about it outloud. Something that sets my stomach churning in that I’m-about-to-vomit way. My mind goes into hyperoverdrive. I want to squeeze my eyes shut and pull myself into a ball and try not to move.

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